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The Tickle-nasium

by Dorain

This story is a work of fiction. It contains an account of minors being restrained and tickled. All names are fictional. This story contains no pornographic or erotic content. Any similarity between the characters and any person or existing character is coincidental and unintentional. Although, personally; I'm all for the idea of kids taking gym barefoot. 8¬) Dorain © 2001-2012.

This story inspired "P.E. can be a Load of Laughs" when someone suggested making use of the inherent evil of young girls when it came to tickling boys.

Bobby Abernathy slipped into the desk his new teacher pointed out to him. It seemed as if every eye in the classroom was focused on him. He gave a timid smile to the other ten-year-olds in the room. This was the first time his family had ever moved, so the black-haired boy wasn't sure how to react to being the "new kid". The Principal who brought him to class was friendly and warm; his new teacher, Mr. Ross, made Bobby feel very welcome and comfortable. He had even given the lad a quick tickle on the ribs, forcing Bobby to giggle, as the rest of the class chucked good-naturedly.

The class seemed to go out of their way to make Bobby feel welcome. He was quickly accepted into a clique of friends. It almost seemed like he had always been there. But a week after his first day, he found out just how different Jasper Park Elementary School could be!

"Ah, spit!!" Zack declared as the class was gathering up their things to go to Physical Education class. "I forgot to bring my gym shoes!!" he lamented.

"Oh, man! That's tough," declared Peter sympathetically.

"Oops," Bobby said with only mild exasperation. "I forgot mine, too. I guess we just have to do P.E. barefoot."

"Jeez! He doesn't know, yet!" Sammy muttered to Peter, staring with wide-eyed apprehension at Tommy.

"Well, no point in scaring him," Peter whispered back. "He'll find out before long."

Mr. Aster, the P.E. teacher waited near the door that led to the gym from the changing room as the Grade 5 boys changed into their athletic shorts and shirts. Bobby had just pulled his outdoor shoes off, and was tugging the blue socks off his feet when he saw Zack, barefoot in his gym outfit, trying to slip past the teacher behind a group of other boys.

"Just a second, Zacchary Williams," Mr. Aster said, as he casually reached through the crowd, and set his hand on Zack's shoulder. His eyes darted down, and saw the boy's bare feet nervously clenching on top of each other.

"Forgot our runners, have we?" Mr. Aster asked mildly.

"Yes, sir," Zack said, dropping his gaze.

"You know where to go," he said pointedly.

Zack sighed, and ambled off to a different door in the locker room — next to the door to the teacher's office.

Bobby frowned in confusion. He didn't know what this was about. Was doing Gym barefoot a problem at this school? It wasn't at his last school — in fact, he often neglected to bring his running shoes on purpose, because he liked doing P.E. barefoot.

Somewhat shyly, he closed his locker, and walked over towards Mr. Aster.

"Mr. Abernathy, where are our gym shoes?" the teacher asked as the boy padded up to him.

"I forgot them, Mr. Aster. Sorry."

"Well, then I guess that Mr. Williams is going to have some company this period," he said, as he stood up and put a hand on Bobby's back to guide him over to the door Zack had gone through

Bobby pushed the door open, and was startled with what he saw. There, on one of several padded tables, laid Zack. Mr. Waverly, the assistant P.E. teacher was doing something at Zack's side that Bobby couldn't quite make out.

"We have another one, Dan," Mr. Aster said as he led Bobby over to another one of those tables.

The tables were oddly contoured; with built-in pillows, and a slightly raised area for the lower legs to lay on. Still confused by this predicament, Bobby stretched out on the table as directed.

"A Newcomer to the Room, Ralph?" Mr. Waverly said as he stood up, and moved over towards the youngster.

As the man moved, Bobby looked to his side, and saw that Zack had leather straps around his wrists and across his chest; securing him to the table. What was going on here?

"Yeah," the older man said as he gently bucked a padded strap around Bobby's left wrist, "His first, and hopefully last visit."

As the men moved around him, securing straps around his wrists, chest and waist, Bobby was able to fully make out that Zack was lying, buckled down on an identical table. His ankles were also held in place with straps so wide, that they reached halfway up his shins. A part of the end of the table had been slid away or something, so that Zack's bare ankles hung off the table.

"Mr. Aster?" Bobby asked timidly as he watched the men buckle heavy straps around his ankles as well, "What's going on? Did I do something wrong?"

"You forgot your shoes, son," the man answered. "So you spend the Phys Ed period being encouraged not to forget again."

Bobby didn't like the way the teacher emphasized the word "encouraged". His nervousness increased as he found himself fully secured, with his feet a bit up in the air, far enough apart that he couldn't reach one foot with the other. Mr. Waverly did something at the base of the table, near his feet, and the middle part of the end of the table dropped away, so that his heels were also left hanging in the air.

"I'll leave them to you, Dan," Mr. Aster said as he exited the room; after giving Bobby's hair a quick tousle. "Not to worry, Bobby; it won't hurt a bit!"

"Huh! 'Won't hurt,' he says," Zack mocked, a little bitterly. "I just hope you're not too ticklish, Bobby-boy!" he declared as he closed his eyes and eased his head back on the pillow.

Ticklish!! Bobby's jaw dropped open in shock. He was remarkably ticklish — so much so that his parents had forbidden his older sister to tickle the boy's feet or stomach for more than a few seconds, because Bobby's blasts of hysterical laughter had a volume that belied his small stature, and they didn't want to disturb or freak-out their neighbours. The dark-haired youth quickly assessed his predicament: his feet were in a perfect position for someone to tickle them; and with the straps holding him down, Bobby would be completely helpless to stop it.

Spend the entire P.E. period like this? How long was it? Forty minutes? Forty-five? An hour? Oh lord! This was going to murder!

Mr. Waverly remained ducked out of Bobby's sight. A moment or so later, he stood up, holding some sort of black cylinder. It was about eight inches around, and three feet or so, long; and it was covered in textured ridges, feathers and clusters of bristles. Wide metal bars stuck out the ends of the cylinder, and bent at ninety degrees.

The teaching assistant slid those bars into slots in the table in the side sections of the table the stuck out past Bobby's feet, and pushed it down until there was a click. He then pushed it inwards, towards the soles of Bobby's restrained feet. Some of the soft ridges and bristles made contact with his soles, causing a mild tickling sensation, forcing him to flex his toes back to try to get away from that contact.

"That's good. Stay like that," Mr. Waverly said as he moved around to the side of the cylinder. He pulled a pair of shoelaces out of his pocket, and started looping one around the big toes of Bobby's left foot.

"Why are you doing that?" Bobby asked, bewildered.

"To keep your toes back, so all the wrinkles are gone from your soles. Makes it tickle more," the man replied with a grin, causing the ten year old to whimper.

"Why do you have to do this?" he asked, as the shoelace was secured to a ring on the strap around his ankle.

"Because, it's the policy here for any kids who forget their shoes for gym. I'll bet you'll remember next time, after this period is over," Mr. Waverly said with a chuckle as he used the other shoelace to secure Bobby's other big toe back in the same manner.

With that done, he eased the roller a little bit closer, and leaned down at the side of the table. Suddenly, the cylinder started turning. Bobby's eyes shot open wide as the ridges, feathers and bristles stroked up his soles at various places and intervals. He tried to hold out, not wanting his new friend, Zack to know just how incredibly ticklish he was; but it was no use. In just mere moments, Bobby started giggling, then laughing out loud. The constant and assorted sensations running up his soles were just more than he could take.

As Bobby settled into a consistent pattern of laughing, giggling and begging, Mr. Waverly walked over to the foot of Zack's table. When the man's fingers started reaching for the blonde youngster's helpless feet, he cried out fearfully.

"Wait! Don't I get the Machine, too?" he pleaded in a high-pitched voice.

"Nope. You're used to it now, Young Mr. Williams," the man replied as he set the tips of his fingers lightly on the shivering soles. "So you get the 'personal touch' today!"

With that, Mr. Waverly started lightly scratching up and down both of Zack's soles, alternating between fast and slow movement. If Bobby was nervous to let his friend know how ticklish he was, the blonde boy had no such inhibition. He burst into frantic laughter immediately.

When Bobby heard the high-pitched laughter of Zack next to him, his own laughter increased a notch as well; as if his friend's ticklish protests were emphasizing and feeding his own. It soon got to the point where Mr. Waverly had to stop tickling Zack's feet, because it was getting so loud in the room!

"Wow! This kid is loud!" the man said as he walked over to look at Bobby's face.

The boy didn't seem to be in any extreme amount of distress. It seemed that his natural laughter was just remarkably loud. Mr. Waverly wondered at how the little lungs in that skinny chest could pump out that kind of volume. He just shook his head, impressed, and returned to Zack's feet.

"Nooo! I cahahaha!!! Heeeheeheehee hahahaha!!! PLEEZZ! NAHAHAHAAAT THERE!!!" the blonde boy's cries of laughter resumed as the teaching assistant's long fingers touched down on his soles, and spidered their way up to his mushroom-shaped little toes.

Mr. Waverly knew Zack's most ticklish spots well. The small ten-year-old was quite forgetful when it came to things that weren't important to him. If it wasn't about wrestlers, video games, cartoons or Pokémon cards, it was just too trivial for the boy to remember. Things like homework, and bringing his gym shoes were just not high on his priorities. So, he would frequently end up in the Room — something that would make him learn his lesson for a few weeks, at least. But, in time, he'd forget again; and Mr. Waverly would again have the chance to entertain those tender little soles and toes.

Suddenly, Bobby's laughter jumped higher, both in pitch and intensity. Thankfully, it seemed that it couldn't get any louder. Mr. Waverly paused in drawing sweet laughter from Zack by toying with his feet, and glanced over at the new kid. As he had surmised, the Machine has started its next cycle. As well as the cylinder spinning, the pistons that it rested in started moving the whole assembly up and down; making the textured ridges, brushes and feathers slide along the youngster's heels, and up around his pinned toes as well as in the centre of his arches. Mr. Waverly peered over, and saw that even though Bobby's eyes were leaking tears of ticklishness from behind his clenched eyelids, his face was only barely getting red, and he was drawing full breaths between gouts of laughter.

"Well, let's see if you can compete with the new boy, there, Zack!" Mr. Waverly exclaimed with an evil grin on his face as he poised his hands over the blonde boy's helpless feet again.

"NOOO!!!" Zack exclaimed, but he knew it was no good.

The Teaching Assistant attacked, grabbing the toes of his right foot in one hand, and rapidly blitzing the nails of his other hand up and down the smooth surface he made by flexing back those soft toes a bit.

"NAAAHAAHAAAAA!! Heeheehee-heeheehee-hee!! ARRGGHH!! Aaaahaa haa haaa haaa haaa. Stah-ha-ha-hap!!!" Zack pleaded in a voice flooded with laughter and giggles.

"T-TURN IT HAHAHAHA HAAAAA OFFFFFF hee hee hee hee!! HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!! I Cah-ha-ha-han't STAND it!!! HEHEHEHE HEHEHEHE HEHEHEHE!!!" Bobby added, almost completely drowning out Zack's comparatively quieter screams of hysteria.

It was an eternity of laughter for Zack and Bobby; with Mr. Waverly doing his personal best to get the blonde boy laughing as loud as the black-haired youth. But Zack just couldn't match Bobby's remarkable volume and endurance. Mr. Aster finally walked in, and announced the two boys' liberation from their ordeal.

Zack just laid limp on the table, grinning widely as the senior teacher released him. Bobby still had lingering tremors and giggles of ticklishness rocking him as he was freed from the Machine. Mr. Waverly helped the brunette boy sit up, and wiped the sweat and tears from his face with a towel.

"I take it that you will remember to bring your shoes the next time?" he asked the grinning and panting boy. Bobby just nodded in agreement.

"Now, off to the showers, you two. The others will be in once they're done their laps," Mr. Aster said with a grin as he gave Zack a little push on the back towards the door.

Several days later, the Grade Five boys gathered in the gym, waiting for Mr. Aster to come out and tell them what the class was today.

"Hey! Where's Sammy?" Bobby asked as he looked around for his brown-haired pal.

"He forgot his gym shoes," Peter murmured to his friends.

Bobby and Zack shivered in sympathetic memory. And yet, at the same time, Bobby was wondering how soon he could get away with "forgetting" his shoes again, without the teachers suspecting he was doing it on purpose.

The new student at school learns the unexpected consequences of forgetting his gym shoes; based on a frequent dream/fantasy fraught with trepidation that I used to have as a kid.

This is the first of the two school gymnasium tickle stories; "P.E. Can Be a Load of Laughs" came about when someone pointed out that young girls are evil incarnate when they get a chance to tickle a helpless boy. ;)
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Frostbyte132 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016
Well, I've got to say: I'm beyond speechless. I've been looking at many of your stories Dorain and I love them all! My favourite part of this one was when Zack freaked out when he found out he wasn't getting the machine. Ha! I loved it. Still, if that was me... well... I wouldn't forget my shoes again. But hey, I don't know how I would react. Whatever, thanks for making these stories. Keep it up! 
Dorain1 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
This story is actually based on a recurring fear/fantasy(?) I had as a grade-schooler. I was somehow convinced that's what happened behind one of the generic doors in the gym to kids who didn't bring gym shoes, despite the obvious reality of the occasional kid participating in the gym barefoot. I remember little about those times, but I know for a fact that I made sure that I never forgot my shoes. Kind of a shame; in retrospect, if this story had been true, I might have had some fun. You have to admit; it's a good cardio exercise; laughing your head off all period.
Frostbyte132 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
I have to agree. It would be good for the heart (not so sure about the lungs) and the idea that kids who don't bring their shoes are brought to the back and tickled for about an hour. I would love to "forget" my shoes, if I weren't so ticklish. At school, my friends love to tease me. Usually, it bugs me. But, I take reconciliation when it happens while I'm in a bad mood. At least it puts a small grin on my face. 
QobecWilliams Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
That's adorable! Kofuku Ebisu (Fangirling) [V1] 
capitalofawesome Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ending is so cute!
shawnthewolf12 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg yea they are girls are evil XD but the good thing is they sometimes know when to stop. And they give pretty good massages. 
Cloud5001 Featured By Owner May 30, 2012
um both this one and the P.E. can be a Load of Laughs story seem to be the exact same thing
Dorain1 Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
They aren't. Read them, and check the notes on them.
Cloud5001 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Oh I see it now the ending is diffrent
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